Find Who Is Harassing Your Kids

It seems the younger they are the more they are given to experience. The world is moving so fast in the direction of technology that the censorship, privacy, and protection aspects are having a hard time keeping up. Sure they are in place, but their effectiveness can be called into question.

Years ago, chat rooms were the hot-button issue. As more and more families purchased computers and went online, so too did their children. Chat room predators were scary and dangerous. In the years to follow this seemed to take its place among other seemingly archaic concerns. The worry and concern has not seemed to hit the same high note that chat rooms did back in the 90’s, but the fact is more children are given the technology and 24-7 access to be placed in harm’s way. True, many have argued that the youth of modern times have evolved their knowledge in the matter and are not as naïve to the threats, but the fact still remains.

You kids could be getting calls from people neither you nor they know.

Determining who is calling may not be a vastly large concern to the child, but look for some tell-tale signs to ensure their safety. The FBI has made a resource available here, but a quick internet search would certainly return many more. Please use our services to get an idea of what is going on early on, and maybe put your mind at ease. However, when you have exhausted other ways of ensuring your child’s protection, and the possibility of a threat becomes more positive, please do not hesitate to get the proper authorities involved.

This would be one of those cases where hindsight would be too late.