White iPhone 4: Why Is It Thicker?

As you all probably know by now, the iPhone has gone albino. What those who have gone to look at it, ordered it or seen their friend’s white iPhone 4, they have noticed its thinker. This new white iPhone is apparently 0.2 millimeters fatter. This isn’t a huge deal for most, but those with the rigid cases won’t fit.

Still, the phone looks identical to the black iPhone 4… Making many wonder why this could possibly be reason for the difference.  Well, here are four reasons circulating through the internet:

-Apple decided to put a hardware fix to the antennae issues. The white iPhone 4 can be held any way the user desired without getting the issues in reception that original iPhone 4 was scrutinized.

-The white paint used for the new iPhone 4 required a different game plan. According to reports, the white iPhone’s case didn’t insulate the camera’s flash, thereby leaking light when taking photos. The parts in the white iPhone 4 also caused issues with the phone’s proximity sensor, which disables the screen when talking on the phone. This is so owners don’t accidentally hang up.

-The white iPhone also needed additional protection from external light sources. Meaning light which is leaked into the phone could disrupt the iPhone 4’s screen, making images unclear. This is a big deal for Apple because it touts its “retina display” is one of the best smartphone displays in the business.

-Apple is just trolling tech geeks everywhere in an effort to generate amounts of additional publicity for the anticlimactic white iPhone 4. Even a 0.2 millimeter difference is enough to generate news buzz when it comes to an Apple product.