Phone Tapping Number A Urban Legend?

Obviously this site is designed to help people find information they are seeking about a particular phone number. But is there a way to tell if people are listening in to your incoming and outgoing phone calls?

There are a number of places strewn across the net that say yes. From Cannabis forums to phone number complaint sites, the answer is unclear. The story goes that if you call 202-543-9994 and you hear a continuous tone your line is safe and that if you get breakups, in and out and static you are being tapped. That being said, the number is active and hails from Washington, DC.

Now there are a number of separate theories on the topic: It’s supposed to be a government ploy to ensnare those with a reason to believe they are being tapped, giving them a lead to actually tap the line other sites push the idea that it’s a CIA tester number from way back when and was left active.

Either way, there are special divisions at local telephone companies that deal with court ordered wire tapping. You have to call that group within the service provider’s ranks. If it is a “private party”, basically anyone else who doesn’t have permission to, you have to get a repair person to come out and check your lines, costing you money. A number of retailers capitalize on paranoia by selling a box that hooks up to your line, telling you are safe or tapped.