Phone Scam Protection

A lot of the time people come to this site because they think they are being harassed by telemarketers and want to see if they are wrong. This is not a waste of time considering the amount of telemarketing scams that are abounding. We like to think that we play a small part in keeping the number of scammed people down, but the truth is awareness is the greatest defense.

So what better way to spread awareness than by reposting about the threats all over the net? So here goes:

There are a lot of scams out there when it comes to phone calls.

There is the Mexican Collect Call Scam, the 90# scam, the good old sweepstakes scam, overpayment schemes, foreign lottery scams, and charity scams.

The main thing to remember here If you pick up the phone and do find yourself having a conversation with a person you don’t know about things you are unaware of, take a second to thing. Pressure is their only friend.

The rules are simple. Don’t pay for things that are supposedly free. Don’t pay in advance. Never give out your information. No REPUTIABLE business expects to gather, or even asks for, information this way anymore. If you don’t understand ask. If you don’t know, get a number to call back and go research. All they can do is pressure you and get hostile. In which case, you hang up.

Visit the FTC Phone Fraud site to keep yourself safe and/or report your run-ins with phone fraud.