Cell Phone Voicemail Hacking

There has been tons of controversy across the pond in the UK with voicemail hacking. This spurs the question back here in the states. How safe are our voicemail here in the US? Granted, many of us don’t have any voicemails, but that doesn’t stop anyone from having privacy worries.

“The default setting for some cellular networks provides that when you dial your voicemail number and you’re dialing from the phone number the account is registered under, the phone will not require a passcode to enter the voice mail system,” said W.F. Casey Ebsary, a criminal trial lawyer specializing in technology issues.

Very few service providers here in the US require a cell phone number’s owner to enter in a password prior to gaining access.  But even if you keep your cell with you at all times, you are still not free from all possible hazardous fraud. Technology like Caller ID spoofers will actually falsify the incoming callers identifying information. The Truth in Caller ID Act has outlawed their use when it comes to defrauding or causing harm, but that’s not to say people don’t still use it this way.

When it comes to your voicemail, if you haven’t password protected it yet, do so now. When you dial it up, you will be asked if you would like to listen to messages or eventually, if you would like to change settings. Select this and follow the appropriate steps to setting you password. Write it down and keep it in a secure location if you are afraid of forgetting it.