The Wireless Smart Home

So we all love the fact that you can check your email on couch with a laptop, while your 16-year-old texts her friends and your wife plays your desktop’s music library on the porch. Wireless home networks are amazing. The future of the home network will not only see multiple devices attached to the same network simultaneously, but they will connect and run processes with each other as well.

This goes along with the trend of household’s dropping landlines for mobiles, porting their number to Google Voice, or subscribing to internet phone. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, much of the emphasis was directed towards internet-enabled everything. The number of devices, or penetration, that come in line with this trend is expected to grow by 400% in from last year to 2015. The tablet craze, the use of the near-field communications chip, and internet TV are defiantly going to help facilitate the process.

The demand for a quality connection to all these devices despite the spread of the home network is increasing. The new home network will soon come equipped with beefier routers, home gateways, heavier network adapters, centralized media servers, and wireless add-ons like WiFi range boosters. The newer networks will also need to adapt to shifting priorities with a bandwidth that can switch easily while still dedicating larger amounts of itself to certain activities.