Removal Page Added

We are always striving to make things better for our users. So now you can remove your information without having to contact us and wait for the request to be received and honored. We have added the Phone Number Removal Request page to help expedite the removal of your information.

The privacy of our users in very important to us. The directory is free to all, so it is only logical that some may not wish for their information viewable. The addition of this new page was done with those such users in mind.

Once at the page, in order to remove your information, you will need to fill in your number, name, email and reason for the removal (this will help us in the continued providing of customer service). You will then need to enter in a security text to ensure you are human. Check the box that confirms that the number to be removed is “mine or a dependent of mine”. Click the “Remove Your Phone Number” button and the process is done. It can take a few days to take effect.