Phone Books for All

You actually have to remember that alphabet song to use them… How passé.

You may not be the environmentalist type, and you may not care about how much is wasted in the production of phonebooks which companies say are meeting a need. Maybe you are not bothered by the fact that these books provide a service no one uses anymore because they can access it via the web.

Even if you don’t care about how useless these books have become, given that many online directories are updated in real-time and the books go out of date and have to be reprinted…again. Aren’t they just, well, annoying? A hand full of times a year you come out of your house to find thousands of pages of unwanted names and number waiting for you. What if it rained? Now you have to go out there and hold a soggy, heavy, leaking phonebook an arms-length away from your body to avoid getting wet. While walking that to the garbage, you have to realize such a circumstance isn’t necessary.

It’s understandable that some people DO want those hardcopy directories or cannot log online to access their yellow or white pages. This is why phone books should not be mass printed and delivered to every business and individual. It should be an opt-in service. But until there is some regulation against the unwanted delivery, be glad they don’t put out a version that searches from the number to find the name.