Putting It Out There

This week Ryan Braun, outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, was recently offered a $105 million contract extension, but this was the most curious offering. A fan in the stands threw up a marriage proposal complete with her phone number and email address. It was not only seen by those in the stands with her, but was also broadcast on tv. Fox Sports Wisconsin apparently didn’t think there was enough material from Braun’s press conference, as well as his highlights from the game, and decided to air some crowd shots during the latter stages of the blowout affair, including: the lady, her sign, and contact information to all of Greater Milwaukee (and now the Internet).

She was swamped by replies to her stunt. Showing there are a few things a poster shouldn’t be used to say. For the record, her Braunie did actually try to call. He was met with a full mailbox.