Where Wireless’ Functions Are Headed

The wireless method of near-field communications (NFC), which is short-range 13.56-MHz, has been around for years. The chips available now can enable cell phones to be the next smart cards. Jeff Miles, director of mobile transactions at NXP, indicates that 2011 should be the coming out year for the NFC chip technology. The company, NXP, makes these NFC chips for cell phones. They have projected there will be more than 50 million deployments of the near-field chips to smart phones all around the globe in this year alone. Nokia, RIM and Google as well, have all expressed support towards the NFC technology. This means the incorporation of NFC capability in the next version of Google’s Android operating system. Look for NFC to become a must-have feature on smart phones. Soon you will be using your mobile device make purchases, access buildings, ride transportation, and make reservations.

The digital and tech news giant Mashable released an article in the middle of last year that outlaid 6 Ways It Could Change Our Dailey Lives.