New Number on The Block

It would appear New York is just getting too big for it britches. The state’s islanders and those in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens are all ready for a new prefix. These areas are going to be given the area code 929 for any new numbers. The original codes for the area have become saturated and can no longer service any more customers. The shortage of numbers, or exhaustion, has happened to the region before. The 212 area code reached its apex in the mid 1980’s and residences wishing to establish new numbers had to use the area code 718. The five boroughs had a hard time adjusting.

According to the state Public Service Commission, the new 929 area code will act as a complement to the already established 718 and 347 codes. Local calls will remain “local” and no new call costs will go into effect with the adoption of the new code. Manhattan could be next in line for a new code, but for now it will remain unaffected.