Holiday Calls

‘Tis the season to get calls from random numbers you don’t recognize. It sort of just goes along with this time of year. You get a mix of marketers, warranty offers, ‘season’s greetings’ calls from old friends & family (maybe with new numbers), and non-profits.

Many people have gotten rid of unnecessary expenses around the house. This could mean a caller id box and service are no more. For many, getting rid of their landline home phone completely was a logical decision. So now a good number of people are operating their lives this holiday season without a way to decipher who is ringing in. This is especially inconvenient during the holidays, when people who have fallen out of touch make efforts to say they are thinking of us.

The reverse phone lookup can hopefully help all these people know if it’s the family that used to live next door calling from their new residence to wish you a merry Christmas or if it is a debt collector or telemarketer.