Finding Out “Who Is Calling”

No one likes answering the phone like the old days and not being prepared for what it waiting on the other end of the line. Caller ID and Contact lists allow telephone and cell phone users to know exactly who is calling.  It has saved many from unwanted conversations.

Here are some scenarios we all may have found ourselves in: You lost your cell phone; You had to cancel the caller id, along with the call waiting, and call forwarding to save a little coin; You switched cell phones and lost all your contacts. All these situations have one common denominator: they leave you not knowing who is calling. In many ways this site was created to deal with these very situations.

The service we provide lets you know who is calling without having to guess, answer blindly, or pay for listings. The belief here is that putting you back in the “know” shouldn’t be a huge hassle or cost anything. If you have trouble finding listings for cell phone numbers, try creating a group on a social network site of your choice and inviting friends to give you their contact info again. Only do this if the group can be made exclusive or private.