Debt Collectors and Lawsuits

Well it no secret that people have been hit hard by the recent economic status. They have had to borrow more. They have pushed themselves into hard places just to get by.

Robert Krieg of Sarasota County Florida, and others, have started fighting back against those pestering phone calls. The lender was Wells Fargo Bank. Krieg answered his phone was told by a representative that he could not afford to catch up on his mortgage payments. This of course, would not sit well with anyone. Krieg thanked the man for his call and went about his day. Nine minutes later another rep called and told him the same thing. Three hours later, again he was told he needed to find some instant way to make his payments.

The fifty-one- year-old may have not used reverse phone lookups to decipher who was calling, but he did go up in arms. He is a Sarasota, Fl stockbroker. The business suffered in the downturn of the economy. The man began documenting the collection calls. “Deadbeat” they said on the other line. “Worthless” was the term the rep had used to describe their borrower.  “It got to the point where I would see the number come up and I would just let it go to voicemail,” Krieg said. “Then they called at work, when the market was open and I was trying to do business.”

Hundreds of similar lawsuits have been filed in Florida against the nation’s biggest banks.