San Francisco Cell Phone Radiation

There has been controversy surrounding the waves that a cell phone generates. The scare of possible radiation, more specifically RF waves, was used by some to sell headsets and radiation dampening technology. Many such “solutions” were just gimmicks and unnecessary. Still, the debate and scientific studies continued.

Today this track brings us to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which is now voting to amend a legislation which would require retailers within the city to provide notices on the radiofrequency (RF) exposure of all their devices, as well as offering fact sheets at the consumers’ request.

 This is the first law of its kind in the country and it has since spawned similar legislations in other states and cities. Not only did the new cell phone radiation law raise a few eyebrows with the public, but it got the attention of the CTIA as well. This is the lobbying arm of the industry on The Hill. The group moved its annual trade show to San Diego and moved to sue the city of San Francisco, saying the new ordinance was unconstitutional, infringing on the rights of retailers under the First Amendment.

“With no explanation, the proposed San Francisco ordinance assumes the [Federal Communication Commission’s] national standards are not sufficient,” said Gerry Keegan, the CTIA’s Director of External and State Affairs. “If the ordinance is passed, employees would be required to explain scientific information and answer any questions from consumers about this issue…In addition, the ordinance misleads consumers by creating a negative perception of a product that already complies with federal standards and is deemed to be safe by the FCC and FDA.”