Blocking Certain Cell Phone Numbers

This site was designed to help users find out who a certain number belongs to. Now, we don’t have every number and, as many well know, cell phone numbers can be very tricky to track down. If there is a particular number harassing you, you need to take action to ensure your safety.

First things first, you need to block the number. You can do this any number of ways. Calling the customer service line of your service provider will let you talk to someone and explain the issue. They will ask for the number and then they can add it to a “block number list”. You can often block certain inbound calls on the account page of your service provider’s website. There are also applications like BlackList that you can download if you have a smartphone. If you want to explore more options, try performing a Google search of “[your device’s name] + block calls”. You can also try porting your number to Google Voice, which has a call blocking/ call screening feature.

Don’t forget about the Do Not Call Registry either, if you think the number is a telemarketer or auto-dialer, register your number on the NDNCR.

If you have asked the caller to identify themselves and/or not call again, and they continue to harass you or say inappropriate things, the last thing you can do is alert the authorities about the issues.