Are Phone Numbers Going To Be Obsolete Soon?

It’s almost impossible to see the trend coming. Most people have either opted out of landline services to use their mobiles as their primary, signed up for VoIP service by itself or as a bundle with their internet access, or have just kept the cell as their primary and are using Skype to segment the rest of their needs.

Now that more and more people look to their computer and cell phones as their only necessary avenues of communicating, the question of how the incoming tech will affect the long established foundation of dialing a 7-10 digit phone number.

Fact is, these technologies are becoming integrated and it could make the use of conventional phone numbers obsolete in the future. For instance, many people use Facebook. In fact many people spend a hefty chunk of their day on their computer with Facebook running in the background. When a message is received, they pop back over “briefly” to respond. The social media giant just recently partnered with Skype to provide a video calling feature.

So, how far are we away from having these sleek, touch-screen mobile devices with the capability of contacting someone with an app, thereby never even dialing a number. The carriers will have to create business models that fairly compensates then for their considerable investments going forward. Applications l Skype and Facebook “provider” will need to acknowledge the value of these mobile networks and work on creating the proper framework for all to move forward.

Who knows, one day I could have a business card with just my username on it.