New Way To Search

If you have visited our site and like using our free lookup, we are excited to announce that searching just got a little easier. We now offer a plugin that allows for anyone using Firefox 2, Firefox 3, IE 7, IE 8 or Google Chrome to add our site to the search engines list within […]

Verizon No Longer Offering Their Lookup

It seems Verizon has recently stopped offering their reverse phone lookup. A service which had long been provided on their website to visitors hoping to find one of their customers residential phone numbers.  Now, we if not heard if they have any plans to make this service available once again, but in the meantime, we […]

Over One Million Serverd!!!

Well, we did it… we had told you we were getting close, but we surpassed one million successful phone lookups this week.  When we first began this site we could not have imaged we would get here, certainly not so quickly. We want to say thanks to everyone who has used this site, shared it […]

Search From Your Website, Blog Or Social Network Account

We have received a handful of requests from webmasters asking us to provide them with a search box (allowing users to lookup phone numbers) for their website.  While we currently don’t have anything that will perform a lookup and display results on another site, we do offer search boxes in which a search can be […]

We’re Thrilled To Announce

Just 16 months ago we launched this website. At that time our aspirations weren’t much more than to help a few people save money by offering something for free that people were otherwise paying for. Not surprisingly, people appreciated not paying for something that other companies had been charging $5, $10 and even $15 for. […]

Phone Scam Protection

A lot of the time people come to this site because they think they are being harassed by telemarketers and want to see if they are wrong. This is not a waste of time considering the amount of telemarketing scams that are abounding. We like to think that we play a small part in keeping […]

Cell Phone Voicemail Hacking

There has been tons of controversy across the pond in the UK with voicemail hacking. This spurs the question back here in the states. How safe are our voicemail here in the US? Granted, many of us don’t have any voicemails, but that doesn’t stop anyone from having privacy worries. “The default setting for some cellular […]

The FBI Went and Made Phone Number of Pakistani Intelligence Agency Public

The “handlers” of Ghulam Nabi Fai were hit with a surprise awhile back. Fai, head of a Washington advocacy group, was arrested recently on charges that he’d been on the payroll of Pakistan’s spy agency for years and proceeded to hide millions of dollars used for illegal lobbying. Kashmiri American Council, was said to have been […]

Are Phone Numbers Going To Be Obsolete Soon?

It’s almost impossible to see the trend coming. Most people have either opted out of landline services to use their mobiles as their primary, signed up for VoIP service by itself or as a bundle with their internet access, or have just kept the cell as their primary and are using Skype to segment the […]

Blocking Certain Cell Phone Numbers

This site was designed to help users find out who a certain number belongs to. Now, we don’t have every number and, as many well know, cell phone numbers can be very tricky to track down. If there is a particular number harassing you, you need to take action to ensure your safety. First things […]